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About the Burning Bush

Burning Bush Have you ever found yourself in way over your head, and yet after spending some time in the Scriptures and prayer, you were filled with an indescribable peace, even joy? I have, many times.

Most of the time, I wander around in sort of a spiritual fog. I know who God is, but I don’t live like it. Anxieties overtake me more easily than I would like to admit. But then I see again, and I remember. He IS. That is what this card is all about. The Scriptures are full of God’s reassurances to people who had good reason to be afraid. There is a pattern to it. He doesn’t always promise that bad things won’t happen, only that when they do, He is still there and He is enough.

When I am in my foggy state, that doesn’t seem like a whole lot of comfort. If God can do anything, then why doesn’t he wipe out the sorrows of the world, especially mine? (He will, just not on my timetable, and probably not on yours either.) The beginning of meditating on Him is trusting that His plans are perfect—even when they don’t seem that way.

To create this print, I used a concordance to find all of the verses in the Bible where God says “I am.” (There are a lot! I only used a few.) The smaller print on this card are verses from the Old Testament, and the larger print are the words of Jesus. Painting the bush took a few tries; at first I wanted to use the burning bush plant, which turns red in the fall. But that didn’t look right, so I tried the evergreen. The foil doesn’t go on until the end, so while I am working on a card like this, I am hoping it will turn out the way I see it in my head.

My ultimate hope is that people will use this card to mediate on who God is. That’s what I couldn’t help but do as I made it. One thing that God does promise is that He will use His Word to bear fruit in the lives of people (Isaiah 55:10 &11).

The print was originally produced as a card as well—would you like to us to bring it back? Click on the “talk to us” link on the left and let me know!

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