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About the Creation Fall Redemption Music Card

This card uses music as a metaphor for the creation, fall, redemption and ultimate restoration of our world. The first chapter of Genesis says that God’s original creation was very good. The green G-clef is a symbol of that good creation. The vine represents the original garden of Eden. Because of Adam and Eve’s rebellion, the good creation was cursed. So the thorns in the second G-clef choke the original music (see Genesis 3). The fire symbolizes God’s judgment on the corruption of His good creation (see Luke 23-24 and the book of Romans). The flowers in the last G-clef symbolize that because of this redemption, one day the creation will be fully restored to an even better glory than the original garden of Eden (see Revelation 22). 

(Note: this text is in small print on the back of the card.)

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