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About the Easter Freedom card


Nobody wants to look at it. 

Easter eggs are pretty. But the crown of thorns is sad, gory, and unpleasant. Who wants to look at that?

The egg is a symbol of the promise of resurrection in Christian art. It is also, unfortunately, a symbol of the trivialization of Easter in our culture. How did a celebration of the redemption of fallen humanity turn into a holiday about baskets and chocolate bunnies? It is that crazy combination that I wanted to play on with this card.

The idea was to take something familiar—the Easter egg and pretty colors—and deepen it. My original idea was to use a Ukrainian decorated Easter egg. But when I found the photo of the egret for the inside of the card and discovered that the egret’s egg is actually a bright green color, I decided to make the egg green. 

The thorns are woven together from the curse that was placed on us—and then was worn by Jesus. I used thorns instead of the cross because, in our culture, the cross has been tamed. It is now so familiar that we often miss the true meaning of it. In many Easter cards, the cross is actually a pretty white object covered with flowers—not an instrument of torture and death! The crown of thorns here is meant to appear like a nest—until you actually look at it.

But nobody wants to look at it. The crown of thorns reminds us of the suffering of Jesus, suffering caused by our sin. 

Here’s the thing. Until you do look at it, you won’t experience the glorious freedom of Christ. Our sins lie underneath—like a moldy bathroom wall behind a leaky shower. They make us sick. It is only by facing them and offering ourselves to Christ for cleansing and forgiveness that we find real relief. Only then can we can begin to grow into the glorious people we were meant to be. That is what this card is about.

May you know more and more of the freedom that is meant to be ours. Happy Easter!

March 2013