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about the foggy road card


It almost always makes me smile when I hear someone complain that they don’t understand what God is doing. Well, why would you expect to? His mind is vastly superior to ours, His ways are infinitely higher than ours, so of course we can’t figure what He is doing!
I have lots of ideas about God’s sovereignty in my sketchbook, yet most of them don’t work out visually because they can’t capture the glory we will experience someday, any more than our minds can grasp why He lets things happen the way He does. 

For me, the glorious comfort is not in understanding what God is doing, but knowing that He has promised to work all things out for the good of those who love Him. In my limited experience of trusting Jesus, I’ve found that to be true, but the best part is what lies ahead. Hope in Jesus is what keeps me going.

A few years ago a woman wrote to me and asked me if I could do a card on this verse that did not use a poppy. Her son was struggling with drug addiction and she wanted to encourage him, but the poppy was not a good symbol for him.* When I got this idea about fog,
I remembered her note, and this verse fit perfectly. The road is a symbol for our lives and all the potential that lies ahead.