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about the generosity card


This is one of my favorite cards both because of the art and the theology behind it. The idea came from a mosaic at the Vyšehrad Cemetery in Prague, Czech Republic.

The mosaic said it all: glory in the heavens, radiating down through deep space to us. As I meditated on this idea, it seemed to be a perfect illustration of Ephesians 1: Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places in Christ...riches of His grace, which He lavished on upon us....

I keep thinking about how much more I have yet to experience of the riches of Christ. I’ve been learning more about the mystery of forgiveness in particular. I know (in theory) that the more I forgive people who hurt me, the more I will experience my own forgiveness; that if I refuse and hold onto resentment, however justified, I block the flow of grace and joy into my life. But I never thought about it in terms of riches before. 

Because I have the riches of His approval and love and forgiveness, I am rich in everything that matters. I can afford to be generous with people who hurt my feelings. When I refuse to forgive, I’m forgetting about all those stars coming down on me. I’m not experiencing the reality of His glorious love and approval because I’m not looking at Him; I’m stewing over the person who took one of my stars!

This card was created digitally, using Adobe Illustrator. I was trying to get at the essence of the mosaic without actually copying it. It turned out to be more difficult than I expected. To the left is an early version. 

Getting feedback along the way helps me to know if people are understanding what I am trying to say as I develop a new card.* When one viewer told me this version reminded him of a giant cracked egg, I knew I had more work to do! (I got rid of the wavy lines.) Another person suggested that I change the stars to a six-pointed star of David to represent the Jewishness of Jesus. (Good idea!) I added the gold at the top because it signifies the glory of heaven which surrounds our cosmos.

There is more to the riches of Christ than we will ever understand in this life. But I pray for myself, and for you, that together we would experience more and more of what has been given to us. Merry Christmas!