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About the Giant Sequoia Tree

Have you ever tried to describe something to someone who has no frame of reference for what you are talking about—like explaining the color blue to a person who is congenitally blind? The Bible says that most of the people who heard Jesus’ parables didn’t even remotely understand what they meant. I can’t even imagine how frustrating it must have been for Him.

2,000 years and regional differences have not made it any easier to explain what the kingdom of God is like. Jesus used the common mustard plant in the Middle East to show how something small could one day become very big. So how many people do you know who have seen birds nesting in a mustard bush? Every culture needs missionaries who can translate the Scriptures into metaphors that their people can understand.

That’s what I’m doing with this card.

Trees are a better example than a mustard bush in our part of the world. I was going to use a pine tree, because that way I could use the pine cone on the front. (A tiny seed doesn’t make an interesting cover image for a card, plus I’ve always wanted to paint a pine cone.) But then I remembered the giant sequoia tree. Talk about contrast! The seed of giant sequoia is about the size of a grain of oatmeal. A fully grown giant sequoia trees is about 300 feet tall and 30 feet wide, the largest living thing on earth. Not only that—it lives a very long time. Some giant sequoia trees in the US are over 3,000 years old.

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See Matthew 13:31-32