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About the Home card

homeIn 1738 Jonathan Edwards wrote a sermon called “Heaven is a World of Love.” In it, he describers the love that is shared between God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. He goes on in great detail, elaborating on the pleasures of that love and how, in heaven, almost nothing can ever tarnish nor extinguish it. The best part is where he explains how human beings will share that love with God and with each other. It is a beautiful, beautiful sermon, and it give me great hope.

The best theologians take what is in the Scriptures and help us to see a little more clearly. I am not a trained theologian, nor do I have the mind of Edwards. But this is what I am trying to do in a small way with my cards.

God did not leave love in the heavenlies. God doesn’t despise our bodies and our earthly life; He despises our sin. Because he loves what He created, He brought love to earth. He made it concrete. He lowered Himself to become one of us—to come into our living rooms, so to speak. He became common. That is the point of this card.

I thought a lot about what kind of living room to paint. It needed to be attractive, but not too upscale. It also needed to convey warmth on a cold winter’s night. I kept changing my mind about the color of the yellow chair and the curtains behind it. The fireplace originally went up to the ceiling, but that was too much brick, so I painted over it and added a picture. Fortunately, acrylic paint dries fast, so I could just paint over what didn’t work.