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About the Identity Card

See what great love the Father has lavished on us that we should be called children of God! And that is what we are!—I John 3:1-2

The fingerprint is a symbol of identity. Did you know that no two people have the same fingerprint? God formed your fingerprint on your tiny fingers in the womb. It never changes—even as you age.

I got the idea for this card while sitting in a leadership meeting. Someone was talking about how important it is to have our identity in Christ and I thought of a fingerprint made up of Scripture texts.

I created the cover image in Adobe Illustrator by drawing wavy lines to simulate the whorls of a fingerprint and then typing the texts into them. I used the color to separate the texts as well as to make it more attractive.

We are fearfully and wonderfully made: children of human parents, yet not clones, made in God’s image, yet uniquely human. So what does it mean to have one’s identity in Christ?

The texts on the front of the card give the answer. We are His beloved children. That is who we really are.

We are unique but part of a community. We are not left alone in the universe. We have a future and a hope; a reason for confidence, a reason to be free from fear and anxiety in a broken world.

As we grow in Christ, we become more like Him and more like who we were meant to be. Everything that Christ has is ours. We are royal children, meant to be a blessing to the whole earth—that is who we are. We are meant to be free from the foolishness of finding our identity in our work or family, free from identification with our status or possessions. The Scriptures tell us that our identity in Christ eclipses all those things.

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