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About the John 3:16 card and print


Can you tell I had fun creating this card? If I had this much fun just illustrating God’s creation, how much more fun do you think He must have had in thinking the whole thing up? I took pains to accurately render every plant and creature, because I wanted to showcase His creativity. In doing that, I wanted to make a point: God takes delight in what He has made, and we should too. Sometimes as believers we are in such a hurry to get to the next world that we downplay the importance of this one. I believe such and attitude is an insult to the Creator. The Scriptures are full of references to the goodness of this life, as well as to the creation’s dependence upon our redemption for its fulfillment (see especially Romans 8:19-22). Even thought this world is fallen and Jesus has not returned, the creation itself is not to be taken for granted--it still good. Of all people Christians ought to love life and be grateful for it.

This artwork is available as a blank card and as a Christmas card.  

You can also order this as a  print.