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About the Night Music Card


 We don’t know what the music sounded like when the heavens opened for the shepherds near Bethlehem. Luke doesn’t say if it was actually music that they heard. But we do know that the reaction in heaven to Jesus’ birth was joy. 

I used the musical notes in this card as a symbol of the glory that the shepherds experienced. Music can convey transcendence in a way that nothing else can. I’m not a musician, and I can’t even read music. But even I know there is just something about music that can pick you up and make you feel glory in a way that nothing else can. That’s why musical notes reappear so often in my work. 

The musical notes trail off to the single star that represents the incarnation of god into human flesh. He whose presence is magnificent enough to blind and deafen us reduced Himself to become a human baby. Jesus, who could have knocked us out with His glory, spent His life in obscurity, explaining His deity to people who didn’t believe Him and who eventually killed Him. It just seems incredible to me. But the reaction in heaven to His becoming one of us was joy.

There is music in heaven that we haven’t heard yet. That music celebrates the character of a God who would do such an amazing thing for His creation. The appropriate response to such amazing love is joy.

There is something about the Christmas season that intensifies both joy and sadness. People expect to be happy at Christmas, which is what makes pain at this time of year all the more painful. But the joy experienced by the shepherds had nothing to do with their personal circumstances. The joy they knew was transcendent. It was rooted in the music playing in heaven. That is the joy that is available to us through the Holy Spirit. I pray that you will know more and more of that joy this Christmas season and always.