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About the Sparrow card

You won’t find the word “birthday” in the Bible. They didn’t celebrate birthdays in biblical times, and they still don’t celebrate them in many parts of the world. So I’ve given a lot of thought to the reason for Christian birthday cards—or at least my reason for making them.

Birthdays remind us of the passage of time, giving us a chance to evaluate where we are going in life. The Scriptures encourage us to make the most of the time we have, and they warn us to make sure that we are not drifting away. I love the challenge of doing this kind of card, and I work hard to be subtle, since nobody wants to be preached at on their birthday.

A birthday card can be a great way to remind the recipient that God created them and that they are valuable and loved just as they are. That is the purpose of this card. I’ve made several cards using Luke 12:6 &7, and every time it’s a challenge to make sparrows interesting enough for the cover. Of course, that is Jesus’ point: they are common, no one gives them much thought, yet God knows every single one of them! How much more with human beings?