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About the Swan card

swan Hope. God knows we need it. So He gives us pictures of it, hidden like Easter eggs throughout His creation. They are all over the place for those who have eyes to see. Inspired by the Holy Spirit, the Old Testament prophets saw them. So did Jesus, who used them in His parables. Taking their lead from Jesus and the prophets, Christian artists and preachers use them too.

For hundreds of years, the egg (especially with the shell cracked) has been recognized as a symbol of the resurrection. It is a metaphor for the tension people have known since Jesus inaugurated His Kingdom 2,000 years ago. God has come in Person and overthrown the enemy. The egg is cracked, but we do not yet see the glorious swan inside.

With this card, I am also referring to the more modern story of the “The Ugly Duckling.” No one in the story thought that the ugly duckling would amount to much. Sometimes it may seem that we will not amount to much either. All of us as believers in Jesus Christ are, in effect, young swans. We are redeemed but not fully developed yet. On that day when Christ returns, we will be gloriously whole and complete in our resurrected bodies.

We are meant to live in this hope every day. This is what is supposed to fuel our joy and give us the power to live faithfully, as believers in difficult places. May God give you deeper insight and greater joy as you celebrate what He has done for us.