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About the Vine card

I never noticed it before.

When I was studying John 15 a couple of months ago,  I saw it for the first time: Jesus is the vine in this metaphor. The Father, as the vinedresser, is the one doing the pruning.

Jesus is on the pruning end—the same end as us.

Pruning hurts.

Jesus submitted Himself to the will of the Father by taking on our nature—and though innocent, suffered the just punishment for human evil by hanging on the cross. This is why the vine is growing up the cross in my painting.

The result of His obedience is symbolized by the fruit—it’s the first thing you see. The fruit is glorious.

Because He did this amazing thing, our lives are immersed in blessing. Through the Holy Spirit, we experience His life in us. The fruit of that life includes love, joy, and peace. We are made whole.

It doesn’t matter if your life is a train wreck. It doesn’t matter if terrible things happen to you. If you are connected to Christ,  you are blessed­—you will bear fruit. God will use even the awful things you experience for your good, and for the good of His Kingdom.

The vine is growing up the cross.

As we cling to Christ, we die to ourselves. The Father cuts the dead parts of us away so we can be more fruitful. It hurts.

But our real life, which lasts forever, is in Christ.

May the joy of this wonderful mystery resonate within you, this Easter season and always.