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About the Water card

water card This card is meant to be an Easter card and a sympathy card, even though it says neither in the actual text of the card.

I love the starkness of this text because it rings true. We are all in the process of dying physically. Our days are numbered. Later in 2 Corinthians, Paul is even more blunt: …outwardly we are wasting away… Facing the truth of this squarely drives me to Christ, the only place where I find relief from the darkness and dryness of living in a fallen world. By drinking the living water that Jesus gives, …inwardly [I am] being renewed day by day.*

This was a card that came together relatively quickly. While many of my ideas come from my journal, this one came from an online stock photo search while I was looking for something else. I saw the picture of the waterfall and thought of the verse.

My goal in doing this card—and every card, really—is to point people to Jesus. Sometimes that means selling fewer cards when I choose to use a less popular text. That is OK, because often these are the cards I find out later that God uses powerfully in someone’s life.