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about the yes card


I got the idea for this card when I was looking at some notes I had taken during a CCO staff seminar a few years ago. The speaker, Dr. Robbie Castleman, said “Because God said no to Jesus, He can say yes to us.” She didn’t mention a verse, but I knew how to put the pieces together.  

I have loved 2 Corinthians 1:20 since I first discovered it as a teenager and wrote it in calligraphy to tack on my bedroom wall. It just seems almost too outrageous to be true---like God is writing us a blank check. Does it mean that God will give us whatever we ask?
No, it means something better than that. It means that the thousands of promises in the Bible all come true in Christ. He is the key to the whole thing. Even if you got everything you ever wanted, it wouldn’t compare to what God wants to give you in Christ. He promises more than you could ever want. He fixes problems you didn’t know that you had. If you saw yourself as you really are, you would see that Christ is the answer to everything that you need. Every rotten thing in you, every ache, every longing, is in fact anticipated and answered in Christ.

My original idea was to make a tree of yeses on the inside—but that didn’t work. (The tree was too distracting and didn’t connect with the front of the card.) That’s when I thought of using the “y” as a cornucopia. It’s only by trial and error that I figure these things out.  
Fortunately, God doesn’t need trial and error to do His creative work. He knew what He wanted to do and He did it. We don’t understand all the twists, turns, and the heartache of it all. Someday we will. It is no small thing that God said NO to His only Son. It is no small thing that we are brought into the joyful fellowship of the Trinity in Christ. This is more than I can comprehend— and unfortunately, more than I want most of the time. But I am learning to want it more, and am asking God to increase my capacity for joy in Him.