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About the Zephaniah card

It’s hard to talk about the love of God in a card without cheapening it somehow. The real story about God’s love is complicated. To tell the full story means addressing why we can’t see it or feel it most of the time.

I’ve been learning some wonderful things about the love of God and how my sin keeps me from experiencing it.* I love learning about my sin because it exposes why Jesus seems so far away.

It is my sin that separates me from the love of God, not His indifference towards me.

I’m learning that you can’t overstate the love of God. You can sentimentalize it and trivialize it and reduce it by cheesy art and writing. But you can’t exaggerate it. What God has for us is bigger and more wonderful than what we actually want. The problem is not that we want too much, but that we want too little of what really matters.

You sure can’t accuse Zephaniah of being sentimental about the love of God. This verse is set in the midst of plenty of judgment and plenty of grace. Zephaniah says that God loves us because of who He is, not because of who we are. He is in control, in spite of all that we do to block Him. That’s why we can feel secure in His love.

The design for this card came together pretty quickly, because I was able to reuse digital illustrations I made for cards which are no longer in print. I used images of creation because the creation is one of the ways God speaks to us. All the birds and flowers are God’s designs, not mine—even the red-eyed tree frog. I emphasized the word “singing” because that is what makes this verse so poignant. God actually sings over us!

I can’t tell the full story of God’s love in this card, and you wouldn’t want to send it if I did. So I am going to trust that God will use His Word and my effort to get it out there.